“I’ve known and worked with Paul for many years and have always valued his clear, insightful angles on new technologies in the photography space. He is a keen futurist, a brilliant imaging expert, and a seasoned industry analyst who I have relied upon time and time again to glimpse the forest through the trees.”
-Andy Parsons, Senior Director, Content Authenticity Initiative, Adobe


“I’m very fortunate to have worked actively with Paul on the business and partner development efforts of Imagga in the US.  Paul has tons of experience and relevant connections in the areas that are crucial for our business – photography, media asset management, and technology/AI. His trustworthiness and reputation have opened a lot of doors for us and I’m beyond grateful for his contribution to the US expansion of Imagga.”

—Georgi Kadrev, Ceo and Co-Founder, Imagga

“Paul’s insights are always helpful and sharp in order to adapt our communication to the American market. His profound understanding of the photo business, combined with his experience and his vision about new tech, is a great source of inspiration for the team.”

—Arnaud Jardin, Ceo, Photonomie

“Paul is extremely knowledgeable in the photo, video, and visual tech space. I always learn something new when we speak. His experience is impressive.

I strongly believe all tech companies dealing with photo and video should have Paul as a resource.”

—Martin Roldan, Founder, and Ceo, CrowdMedia

“Paul has an impressive understanding of the photo industry. He has great experience in digital, photo, and content strategy.”

— Joe Pereira, Co-Founder, Zample

“Paul is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the image & publishing space. He understands firsthand the needs of the photographer and has a wide network of contacts to tap into when needed. He has conducted deals with some of the largest photo agencies in the world and always comes to the table with creative win-win solutions. Paul is a real team player both internally within an organization, and when conducting business outside of the organizations he represents. It was always a pleasure working alongside Paul, and I would highly recommend him for future endeavors.”

— Stephanie Palmer (Quay), VP, Head of Distribution (Publisher & Business Development), Stipple, CEO, STIQY Media.

“Paul brought a deep level of understanding of the Photography industry to the Stipple team. His access, contacts, and insights were invaluable as the team created the Stipple product offering. Paul is a diligent and efficient team member and a pleasure to work with. He has a high level of integrity and will be an asset to any team he joins.”

— Nitin Gupta, VP, Head of BD and Strategic Partnerships, Stipple

“Paul has a unique ability to synthesize the needs and pathways of the photo and technology worlds. When I worked with him putting together the program for the 2012 and 2013 PACA annual conferences Paul drew on his deep Rolodex and sense of the zeitgeist to facilitate forward-looking and highly stimulating panels and speakers. The program that resulted was both practical (where is the money?) and progressive (what happens next?) and the word of mouth feedback post conferences has been outstanding. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together and earnestly recommend that you reach out to Paul for insight into the future of the photo-technology industry right now!”

— Yasha Spong, Annual Conference Co-Chair, PACA (Picture Archive Council of America)

“Paul is a visionary and guru not only in the photo scene but also with those involved in general modern media issues. A Marshall McLuhan of ‘old Europe’ descent, he is the de-facto barometer of licensing digital art these days. His track record that runs the gamut from news agencies to stock, to paparazzi, to pure creative imagery, and plainly demonstrates his commitment to everything that is exciting and original in visual communications these days.”

— Keith Tuomi, CEO, Flyerstarter Services Ltd.

“His deeply insightful into the mechanics that drive business and markets, and his expertise in the digital content, delivery, and publishing world is valuable and rare. He’s also a bias towards execution and results, the key element in building and growing any business.”

— Lee Corkran,  Sr Director of Omnichannel, Academy Sports + Outdoors. Previously Vice President, Interactive Marketing, GlowSpring Interactive. 

“I can say without hesitation, that Paul Melcher is the world’s leading expert on strategic distribution of photographic assets. His experience and breadth of knowledge make him an unparalleled ally when navigating the treacherous landscape of royalty management.”

— Kevin ABOSCH, Founder / CEO, KwikDesk.

“Paul Melcher has a deep understanding of the value of photojournalism to the world today, coupled with his technological knowledge makes him a very important force in today’s changing photography industry.

He has always been and continues to be at the forefront of the business and is an acute and intelligence commentator on the industry via his well written and insightful blog that is a must-read for everyone involved in photography today.”

— Ellen Boughn, Executive Editor, Corbis