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Market introduction

You've built a visual tech solution, but you’re not sure how and to whom to sell it? With decades of successful business experience in the visual space, we help you identify and define the best vertical fits, processes, and optimum price points. And then we go out and do the introduction. When we talk, the industry pays attention.

Product Development

You launched a product or service but are getting poor traction? With decades of experience in software product development, we work with product teams to execute the modifications required for a perfect market fit. Our experience, paired with feedback from key players in the space, will provide you with critical information to execute the appropriate adjustments.

Sales Acceleration

You and your team are coding geniuses. However, selling is not your thing. No worries, it's ours. We develop opportunities to increase revenue, reduce churn, shorten sales cycles, and improve conversions through better value propositions, sales processes, and sales capabilities. We don't just suggest what you should do; we do it for you.

Content Management

You have a high volume of visual content, either from business operations or heritage. Still trying to figure out what to do with it? With decades of photo licensing expertise, we can help you figure out market value, business opportunities, resolve copyright issues, negotiate rights and implement editing strategy.

Business Diligence

Need to understand the value of a company? Need to know what the marketplace is doing? You are about to invest in a company in the visual space and would like to know more? From a marketplace overview to a full detailed analysis, we can help you achieve comprehensive due diligence. We have experience consulting for top Silicon Valley VC firms as well as for Wall Street institutional investment firms. Our legal compliance training guarantees you the right information and nothing else.

Workflow solutions

Your company has been handling visuals but has not kept up with new technology. With hands-on expertise in many visual tech solutions, we can advise you on what to use, why, and how. From the clear identification of current bottlenecks to the smooth, optimised implementation of indispensable upgrades, we work with you and your budget. No hype. Just the essential.


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